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Luciferina (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Gonzalo Calzada
Available Date : 06/14/2020
Release Year : 2018
Running Time : 114
UPC : 851597006599
Country : Argentina
Language: Spanish
Genre : Horror, Mystery
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Argentinean Gonzalo Calzada directs a visually explosive film where  religion, innocence, repressed sexuality and evil spectacularly collide. Natalia is a 19-year-old novice who reluctantly returns home to say goodbye to her dying father. But when she meets up with her sister and her friends, she decides instead to travel the jungle in search of mystical plant. There, instead of pleasure, they find a  world of Black Masses, strange pregnancies, bloody deaths and for the nun herself, a sexually violent clash with the Devil himself. 

Publish Date : 0000-00-00
  • Gonzalo Calzada - Director
  • Malena Sánchez - Actor
  • Sofia del Tuffo - Actor
  • Marta Lubos - Actor

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