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Magellan: The Complete Series (DVD)

Available Date : 11/28/2023
Release Year : 2009-2021
Running Time : 3489
UPC : 738329264673
Country : France
Language: French with English subtitles
Genre : Mystery, Crime
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Intrigue. Betrayal. Sabotage. And that’s just Inspector Simon Magellan’s home life as a divorced single father raising two teenage daughters! Veteran French actor Jacques Spiesser (Priceless, Captain Marleau) stars as the meticulous homicide detective in the fictional French town of Saignac, an idyllic place loaded with mysteries and secret crimes. The young investigators he works with can be rough around the edges, but nothing Magellan can’t handle with a word or a glance. He’s a pro – experience has taught him to overlook appearances and keep digging to find the real culprit. And his dogged determination and sheer pragmatism can be as infuriating to suspects in the interrogation room as it is to his family at home! As series go, Magellan is a summer spritzer – light and non-edgy, with beautiful settings and a comic ensemble cast.

Publish Date : 2023-10-31
  • Stéphane Kopecky - Director
  • Étienne Dhaene - Director
  • Grégory Écale - Director
  • Lionel Chatton - Director
  • Étienne Dhaene - Director
  • Éric Duret - Director
  • Stéphane Franchet - Director
  • Emmanuel Rigaut - Director
  • François Guérin - Director
  • Hervé Brami - Director
  • Claire de la Rochefoucauld - Director
  • Laurent Levy - Director
  • Jacques Spiesser - Actor
  • Selma Kouchy - Actor
  • Nathalie Besançon - Actor
  • Franz-Rudolf Lang - Actor

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