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Directed by : Jono Bergmann, Benji Bergmann
Available Date : 06/07/2022
Release Year : 2021
Running Time : 78
UPC : 738329258016
Country : Austria
Language: English
Subject : Art, Design & Architecture
Genre : Documentary
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MAU is the first-ever, feature-length documentary about the design visionary Bruce Mau. The film explores his unlikely creative journey and ever-optimistic push to tackle the world’s biggest problems with design. Over the span of his career, this creative dark horse has completed the transformation from world-class graphic designer to designer of the world. He has gone from advising global brands like Coca-Cola and Disney to rethinking a 1000-year plan for Mecca, Islam’s holiest site. And from working with the greatest living architects (Rem Koolhaas & Frank Gehry) on books and museums to rebranding nations such as Guatemala and Denmark. Bruce Mau is a pioneer of transformation design and the belief that design can be used to create positive change in our world.

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Publish Date : 2022-05-10
  • Jono Bergmann - Director
  • Benji Bergmann - Director
  • Bruce Mau - Himself
  • Bisi Williams - Herself
  • Rem Koolhaas - Himself
  • Bjarke Ingels - Himself

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