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Miss Friman's War (DVD)

Directed by : Mikael Drake, Harald Hamrell
Available Date : 08/10/2023
Release Year : 2019
Running Time : 696
UPC : 815047019942
Country : Sweden
Language: Swedish with English subtitles
Genre : Drama, History, Comedy
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Meet the courageous women taking on the male ruling class of suffragette-era Sweden in MISS FRIMAN'S WAR. It is 1905 in Stockholm and the imposed role of women is to be smiling housewives and devoted mothers. When Dagmar Friman returns to Sweden after years away in London, where she grew into a bold activist for women's rights, her and her friends resolve to open the first-ever co-op grocery store for women, run by women. When the all-male board of the Stockholm Wholesale Association learn about their business plans, they begin striking at these women with every trick in the book. Will Miss Friman and her well-meaning ladies be able to overcome these obstacles and bring their own vision of Stockholm to life? Collects the entire prestige TV series in one complete set.

  • Mikael Drake - Director
  • Harald Hamrell - Director
  • Pernilla Oljelund - Writer
  • Sissela Kyle - Actor
  • Lena T. Hansson - Actor
  • Frida Hallgren - Actor

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