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Modus Operandi (DVD)

Directed by : Frankie Latina
Crew : Sean Williamson , Jon Krill , Laurie Foote , Sasha Grey , Gilbert Trejo , Shalyse Dominique , Mark Foote , Andrew Swant , Barry Poltermann , Zebedee LeTendre
Available Date : 02/14/2012
Release Year : 2009
Running Time : 76
UPC : 738329088620
Country : U.S.
Language: English
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A wild throwback to '70s grindhouse movies, Modus Operandi is shockingly violent and even more entertaining.

It tells the twisted tale of CIA black-ops specialist Stanley Cashay (Randy Russell), who lives in drunken depravity after the murder of his wife. He is called back into service when highly sensitive tapes are stolen from the President. With the help of his flamboyant fellow operatives Casey Thunderbird (Barry Poltermann) and Black Licorice (Nikki Johnson), he attempts to track them down, leaving a bloody trail in his wake. But the contents of the tapes are more explosive than Cashay could have conceived, placing the nation at the edge of catastrophe, with only the enigmatic and sadistic Director Holiday (Danny Trejo) in a position to stop it.

Director Frankie Latina took four years to direct this lovingly constructed ode to disreputable genre flicks, all of it shot in his hometown of Milwaukee. He mashes together Blaxploitation, gore, Italian giallo, Japanese gangster flicks and much more into an irresistible guilty pleasure.

Product Extras :
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Extra Interviews
  • Introduction by Sasha Grey
  • Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Audio Commentary
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  • Frankie Latina - Director
  • Andrew Swant - Actor
  • Nicole Johnson - Actor
  • Michael Sottile - Actor
  • Randy Russell - Actor
  • Mark Metcalf - Actor
  • Robert Glenn Jones - Actor
  • Barry Poltermann - Actor
  • Mark Borchardt - Actor
  • Danny Trejo - Actor
  • Sean Williamson - Producer
  • Jon Krill - Producer
  • Laurie Foote - Producer
  • Sasha Grey - Producer
  • Gilbert Trejo - Producer
  • Shalyse Dominique - Producer
  • Mark Foote - Producer
  • Andrew Swant - Producer
  • Barry Poltermann - Producer
  • Zebedee LeTendre - Producer


"If you ever wondered what a James Bond film directed by Ed Wood would look like, here is your answer." - Benjamin Spacek, Las Vegas Weekly

"There is a special pleasure to be had in 'Modus Operandi'" -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


Official Selection AFI Fest

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