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Molly (Blu-ray)

Available Date : 06/14/2020
Release Year : 2017
Running Time : 91
UPC : 851597006629
Country : Netherlands
Language: English
Genre : Action, Sci-Fi
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Mad Max meets Turbo Kid in Molly, in this electrifying and imaginative tale of one young woman’s determined struggle to survive in an inhospitable world. In a barren landscape ravished by war, Molly, a super-powered young woman, roams the violent post-apocalyptic landscape, armed only with a bow and arrow, to confront the dangers around her. When a sadistic ringmaster who run an underground fight club hears of her supernatural abilities he sends his sociopathic marauders to capture her and make her a star attraction in his cage fights to the death.

Publish Date : 0000-00-00
  • Colinda Bongers - Director
  • Thijs Meuwese - Director
  • Julia Batelaan - Actor

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