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Mongeville: The Complete Series (DVD)

Available Date : 11/28/2023
Release Year : 2013-2021
Running Time : 2532
UPC : 738329264703
Country : France
Language: French with English subtitles
Genre : Mystery
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$119.96 (DVD)
MSRP: $149.95
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In this cozy and addictive detective series set in Bordeaux, famed French character actor Francis Perrin (Alice Nevers, Le Code) stars as Antoine Mongeville, a gruff yet brilliant former investigating judge who never lets his retirement get in the way of solving a good mystery! Soon, he teams up with the by-the-book Criminal Police investigator Valentine Duteil (Gaëlle Bona, Spiral, Murder In…)¸ and in the course of their work together, his rough edges soften a little… but never too much. Mongeville’s sharp mind is constantly at work, piecing together obscure motives and skewering false alibis. And in two special feature-length episodes, a pair of iconic investigators join forces when Jacques Spiesser (Magellan, Captain Marleau) guest stars as Inspector Simon Magellan, Mongeville’s old friend from his university days!

Publish Date : 2023-10-31
  • Edwin Baily - Director
  • Denis Malleval - Director
  • Dominique Ladoge - Director
  • Benedicte Delmas - Director
  • Delphine Lemoine - Director
  • Emmanuel Rigaut - Director
  • Marwen Abdallah - Director
  • Bruno Garcia - Director
  • Stephane Malhuret - Director
  • Étienne Dhaene - Director
  • Rene Manzor - Director
  • Sylvie Ayme - Director
  • Hervé Brami - Director
  • Jacques Santmaria - Director
  • Francis Perrin - Actor
  • Gaelle Bona - Actor
  • Jean-Philippe Lachaud - Actor
  • Pierre Aussedat - Actor

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