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No Maps on My Taps (DVD)

Directed by : George Nierenberg
Available Date : 08/24/2021
Release Year : 1979
Running Time : 86
UPC : 784148014548
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Subject : African-American Studies, Dance
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$22.46 (DVD)
MSRP: $29.95

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The golden age of tap dancing spanned the first half of the twentieth century, but by the 1950s, the form fell to the likes of rock 'n' roll and modern dance. In 1979, NO MAPS ON MY TAPS aired on television outlets across the world, inspiring a new generation of dancers to slip on their shoes and tap away. Featuring performances by Lionel Hampton, Bunny Briggs, Chuck Green, and Howard “Sandman” Sims, director Nierenberg’s love for the dancers and their art elevated his film above your run-of-the-mill documentary and into the ranks of dance canon.

Publish Date : 2021-08-24
  • George Nierenberg - Director
  • Lionel Hampton - Himself
  • Bunny Briggs - Himself
  • Chuck Green - Himself
  • Howard "Sandman" Sims - Himself

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