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No Mercy (Special Edition) (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Richard Pearce
Available Date : 01/17/2023
Release Year : 1986
Running Time : 106
UPC : 738329261481
Language: English
Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
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Screen greats Richard Gere (Internal Affairs) and Kim Basinger (L.A. Confidential) sizzle in a searing action thriller of passion and murder, No Mercy. Gere stars as Eddie Jillette, a tough, uncompromising cop whose vow to avenge his partner’s death draws him into a torrid affair with the only witness, the murderer’s girlfriend. Basinger is the sultry Cajun beauty Michel, caught in the war between Gere and vicious crimelord Losado (Jeroen Krabbé, The Fugitive), the man who possesses her. Jillette’s vendetta takes him from the streets of Chicago to the violent underworld of New Orleans, where he abducts Michel to flush out Losado. He escapes into the treacherous bayou with his unwilling captive, but as their pursuers close in and the danger mounts, so does their lust for each other. Out of time and out of luck, Jillette confronts Losado in an explosive climax where there is…No Mercy. Directed by Richard Pearce (Heartland, Country), written by James Carabatsos (Heartbreak Ridge, Hamburger Hill) and co-starring George Dzundza (Basic Instinct), William Atherton (Die Hard), Terry Kinney (The Firm), Bruce McGill (Law Abiding Citizen) and Ray Sharkey (Wise Guys).

Product Extras :

-FIRE WITH FIRE: NEW Interview with Actor Jeroen Krabbé 
-Theatrical Trailer 
-Optional English Subtitles

Publish Date : 2022-12-20
  • Richard Pearce - Director
  • Richard Gere - Actor
  • Kim Basinger - Actor
  • Jeroen Krabbé - Actor
  • George Dzundza - Actor
  • William Atherton - Actor
  • Ray Sharkey - Actor
  • Bruce McGill - Actor
  • Terry Kinney - Actor
  • Gary Basaraba - Actor
  • Marita Geraghty - Actor

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