Peril & Distress [And Soon the Darkness / Sudden Terror] (4K UHD)

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This special edition includes two terrifying 1970s thrillers. AND SOON THE DARKNESS – Two young British nurses (Pamela Franklin, Michele Dotrice) bicycling through the desolate French countryside. A mysterious stranger on a lonely stretch of road. The women become separated and soon after, one of them disappears. Now the remaining girl, alone and frightened, begins an increasingly desperate search for answers among the strangely uncooperative locals. Where is her friend? Was there a murder? And as the darkness approaches, is the killer now stalking her? Directed by Robert Fuest (The Abominable Dr. Phibes), And Soon the Darkness remains a favorite of thriller fans for its sexual menace, sinister style and one of the most quietly chilling final twists in ’70s British cinema. SUDDEN TERROR – Young boy (Mark Lester) with an overactive imagination witnesses an assassination attmept, the hired killers are now hunting the young boy and his sister (Susan George) who escape numerous attempts on their lives while aided by their grandfather (Lionel Jeffries) and under the spectre of martial law. Ace filmmaker John Hough (Dirty Mary Crazy Larry) packs Sudden Terror aka Eyewitness with plenty of tense style, stunning locations and startling violence. Jeremy Kemp and Peter Vaughn co-star in this shocking and terrifying suspence thriller featuring music by legendary British art-rock bands Fairfield Parlour and Van der Graaf Generator.

Product Extras :
  • Audio commentary for AND SOON THE DARKNESS by Director Robert Fuest and Co-Writer/Co-Producer Brian Clemens, Moderated by Journalist Jonathan Sothcott
  • Audio Commentary for SUDDEN TERROR by Director John Hough and Uncredited-Writer/Producer Bryan Forbes; Moderated by journalist Jonathan Sothcott
  • Audio Commentary for AND SOON THE DARKNESS by Film Historian Troy Howarth
  • Audio Commentary by Film Historians Howard S. Berger and Nathaniel Thompson
  • Theatrical Trailers (And Soon the Darkness / Sudden Terror / Eyewitness)
  • Radio Spot (And Soon the Darkness)
  • Optional English Subtitles
Publish Date : 2024-05-17
  • Robert Fuest - Director
  • John Hough - Director
  • Pamela Franklin - Actor
  • Susan George - Actor
  • Mark Lester - Actor
  • Michele Dotrice - Actor
  • Lionel Jeffries - Actor
  • Jeremy Kemp - Actor
  • Peter Vaughn - Actor
  • Sandor Elès - Actor
  • John Nettleton - Actor
  • Hana Maria Pravda - Actor
  • Peter Bowles - Actor
  • Tony Bonner - Actor
  • Clare Kelly - Actor
  • Jean Carmet - Actor

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