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Queen Tut (DVD)

Directed by : Reem Morsi
Available Date : 05/14/2024
Release Year : 2023
Running Time : 100
UPC : 743407567249
Country : Canada
Language: English
Genre : LGBTQ, Drama, Romance
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Available: May 14th 2024. Pre-orders are generally sent several days in advance of street date. Order may not be split.
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Following the death of his mother, a 17-year-old Egyptian teenager, Nabil, relocates to Toronto to live with his estranged father, Iskander, an eminent architect. In his exploration of the city, he meets Malibu, a trans elder, fighting alone against the possible demolition of her haven, MANDY’S, a drag nightclub. Nabil is reminded of his mother, a seamstress and fashion designer, when he learns that Malibu sews all her outfits, and asks Malibu to teach him his mother’s craft.

Publish Date : 2024-04-16
  • Reem Morsi - Director
  • Alexandra Billings - Actor
  • Ryan Ali - Actor
  • Thom Allison - Actor

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