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Rififi in Paris aka Du rififi a Paname / The Upper Hand (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Denys de La Patellière
Available Date : 09/14/2021
Release Year : 1966
Running Time : 98
UPC : 738329255428
Country : France
Language: French with English subtitiles
Genre : Thriller, Crime, Drama
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He Followed a Trail of Flesh, Gold and Violence! From acclaimed author Auguste Le Breton (Rififi, Bob Le Flambeur) comes this stylish crime caper starring screen icon Jean Gabin (Touchez Pas Au Grisbi, The Sicilian Clan). In Paris, a grizzled gold-smuggler (Gabin) is at war with other local gangsters who want a piece of the action. To make matters worse, he must match wits with a coin-tossing Mafioso (George Raft, Spawn of the North) and the U.S. Treasury Department. Denys de La Patellière (Taxi for Tobruk) directed this globetrotting Eurospy thriller chock-full of international stars including Gert Fröbe (Goldfinger), Nadja Tiller (The Night Affair), Claude Brasseur (Band of Outsiders), Daniel Ceccaldi (That Man from Rio), Marcel Bozzuffi (The French Connection), Jean-Claude Bercq (The Train), Claude Cerval (Classe Tous Risques), Mino Doro (La Dolce Vita), Claudio Brook (Cronos) and Mireille Darc (Icy Breasts).

Product Extras :

NEW Audio Commentary by Filmmaker/Historian Daniel Kremer and Cinematographer Aaron Hollander


Publish Date : 2021-08-17
  • Denys de La Patellière - Director
  • Jean Gabin - Actor
  • George Raft - Actor
  • Gert Fröbe - Actor
  • Mireille Darc - Actor
  • Marcel Bozzuffi - Actor
  • Claude Brasseur - Actor
  • Nadja Tiller - Actor
  • Daniel Ceccaldi - Actor
  • Jean-Claude Bercq - Actor
  • Claude Cerval - Actor
  • Mino Doro - Actor
  • Claudio Brook - Actor

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