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RKO Classic Romances (DVD)

Available Date : 05/21/2019
Release Year : 1930
Running Time : 385
UPC : 738329236854
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Romance
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Kino Classics and Lobster Films are proud to present five Pre-Code love stories from RKO Radio Pictures in the RKO CLASSICROMANCES collection. Preserved by the Libraryof Congress and restored by Lobster Films, these are tearjerkers that will tug every last heartstring. Millie is a grand melodrama about a divorcée (Helen Twelvetrees) who climbs the ranks at a luxe hotel, and whose tattered romantic relationships drive her to a life of independence. Kept Husbands circles around a bet made by a steel magnate’s impish daughter, played by Dorothy Mackaill. She guarantees that she will get a plant manager (Joel McCrea) to marry her within four weeks. She wins her bet, but gets all the class issues that come with it. The Lady Refuses is a frank Pre-Code melodrama about a poor woman on the verge of becoming a prostitute (Betty Compson), who is hired by an aristocrat to woo his son away from a gold-digger. The Woman Between is a risqué romance in which Lili Damita unknowingly enters into an affair with her estranged stepson (Lester Vail). In Sin Takes a Holiday Constance Bennett plays a poor secretary in love with her boss – a womanizing divorce attorney. He proposes a sham marriage to Bennett to keep his lovers at bay, giving her what she wants in exactly the wrong way.

Publish Date : 2019-04-23
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  • John Francis Dillon - Director
  • Lloyd Bacon - Director
  • George Archainbaud - Director
  • Victor Schertzinger - Director
  • Paul L. Stein - Director
  • Helen Twelvetrees - Actor
  • Clara Kimball Young - Actor
  • Betty Compson - Actor
  • Lili Damita - Actor
  • Constance Bennett - Actor

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