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She Should'a Said 'NO'!/Devil's Sleep (Forbidden Fruit Vol. 6) (Blu-ray)

Available Date : 08/19/2020
Release Year : 1949
Running Time : 147
UPC : 738329250317
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Drama, Exploitation
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After producing the wildly successful Mom and Dad, Kroger Babb, the godfather of the exploitation film, scored another coup by securing the involvement of Hollywood starlet Lila Leeds, who had been arrested in a high-profile marijuana bust with Robert Mitchum. “She Should’a Said ‘NO’!” stars Leeds as a party girl recruited by a hard-boiled cop (Lyle Talbot) to take down the sinister dope-pusher (Alan Baxter) responsible for the addiction and death of her brother (David Holt). Not to be outdone, producer George Weiss loaded his gymnasium pill-mill thriller The Devil’s Sleep with three celebrities: Mitchum’s brother John, Charlie Chaplin’s former teen bride Lita Grey, and Mr. America George Eiferman. But stealing the film, as always, was character actor Timothy Farrell, in the first of three appearnces as crime boss Umberto Scalli.

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Audio commentary for ""She Should'a Said 'NO'! By film historian Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

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Publish Date : 2020-07-21
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  • Sam Newfield - Director
  • W. Merle Connell - Director
  • Lila Leeds - Actor
  • Jack Elam - Actor
  • Lita Gray Chaplin - Actor
  • Lyle Talbot - Actor
  • John Mitchum - Actor
  • Timothy Farrell - Actor

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