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Signs Out of Time (DVD)

Directed by : Donna Read
Crew : Starhawk
Available Date : 12/01/2009
Release Year : 2003
Running Time : 60
UPC : 718122515226
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Subject : Women's Studies, Religion & Spirituality, Anthropology & Sociology
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SIGNS OUT OF TIME, a film by Donna Read and Starhawk, examines the life and work of world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Marija Gimbutas. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of mythology and linguistics, Lithuanian-born Gimbutas uncovered the life-affirming and goddess-worshiping civilizations of pre-historic "Old Europe." Weaving together footage of Gimbutas herself, as well as interviews with her supporters and critics, Signs Out of Time reveals a visionary scholar whose theories challenged the "establishment" of her time and influenced a generation of scholars, feminists, and social thinkers.

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  • Donna Read - Director
  • Starhawk - Producer

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