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Spaceballs (Special Edition) (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Mel Brooks
Available Date : 04/13/2021
Release Year : 1987
Running Time : 96
UPC : 738329252472
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Comedy
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From Mel Brooks, the legendary director of The Producers, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie and Life Stinks, comes this intergalactic spoof starring Brooks, John Candy (Once Upon a Crime), Rick Moranis (Little Shop of Horrors), Bill Pullman (Lost Highway), Daphne Zuniga (Modern Girls), Dick Van Patten (High Anxiety), George Wyner (Fletch), Michael Winslow (Police Academy) and comedy great Joan Rivers. The farce is with you in this uproarious salute to science fiction! When the evil Dark Helmet (Moranis) attempts to steal all the air from planet Druidia, a determined Druish princess (Zuniga), a clueless rogue (Pullman) and a half-man/half-dog creature who’s his own best friend (Candy) set out to stop him. But with the forces of darkness closing in on them at ludicrous speed, they’ll need the help of a wise imp named Yogurt (Brooks) and the mystical power of “The Schwartz” to bring peace and merchandising rights to the entire galaxy! The hilarious cast also includes John Hurt (Alien), Rudy De Luca (Transylvania 6-5000) and the voice of Dom DeLuise (The Cannonball Run) as Pizza the Hut.

Product Extras :

Audio Commentary by Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Director/Star Mel Brooks

FORCE YOURSELF! Spaceballs and the Skroobing of Sci-Fi with Mel Brooks and Rudy De Luca

SPACEBALLS: The Documentary

In Conversation with Mel Brooks and Co-Writer Thomas Meehan

John Candy: Comic Spirit

Film Flubs

Watch SPACEBALLS in Ludicrous Speed

Storyboards to Film Comparison

Behind-the-Scenes Image Gallery

Posters & Art Image Gallery

Exhibitor Trailer with Mel Brooks Introduction

Theatrical Teaser

Theatrical Trailer

5.1 Surround & 2.0 Lossless Audio

Dual-Layered BD50 Disc

Optional English Subtitles

Publish Date : 2021-03-16
  • Mel Brooks - Director
  • John Candy - Actor
  • Rick Moranis - Actor
  • Bill Pullman - Actor
  • Mel Brooks - Actor
  • Daphne Zuniga - Actor
  • Dick Van Patten - Actor
  • George Wyner - Actor
  • Joan Rivers - Actor
  • Michael Winslow - Actor
  • John Hurt - Actor
  • Leslie Bevis - Actor
  • Stephen Tobolowsky - Actor
  • Dom DeLuise - Actor
  • Rudy De Luca - Actor
  • Rhonda Shear - Actor
  • Sandy Helberg - Actor
  • Michael Strong - Actor
  • Phil Hartman - Actor
  • Michael York - Actor
  • Felix Silla - Actor
  • Tony Cox - Actor

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