Steak (R)evolution (DVD)

Directed by : Franck Ribière
Crew : Verane Frediani
Available Date : 12/08/2015
Release Year : 2015
Running Time : 114
UPC : 738329200428
Language: French with English subtitles
Subject : Food, Culinary & Agricultural Studies
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A global pursuit (with layovers in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain, the U.S. and other countries) for the best steak in the world, STEAK (R)EVOLUTION features exclusive conversations with chefs, farmers, butchers, steakhouse owners, journalists and experts about the many variables that affect the quality of our meat.

Director Franck Ribiere explains a variety of farming methods and offers a clear description of how the humane treatment of animals (and the different preparation methods) positively impacts our meals. Moreover, STEAK (R)EVOLUTION unravels how small-scale operations have impacted and raised the bar of the entire industry, and how meat producers have implemented sustainable farming practices across the board.

Both informative and utterly tantalizing, STEAK (R)EVOLUTION is a must-see for any steak enthusiast.


  • Franck Ribière - Director
  • Verane Frediani - Writer
  • Franck Ribière - Writer
  • Verane Frediani - Producer


Winner Best Documentary COLCOA 2015

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