Story of a Love Affair (2-Disc Special Edition) (DVD)

Directed by : Michelangelo Antonioni
Crew : Eraldo Da Roma , Enzo Serafin , Giovanni Fusco , Stefano Caretta , Franco Villani
Available Date : 02/07/2012
Release Year : 1950
Running Time : 98
UPC : 738329089924
Country : Italy
Language: Italian with English Subtitles
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Story of a Love Affair (1950) is the legendary Michelangelo Antonioni's debut feature, a powerful statement on the delusions and violence sparked by a passionate love. This deeply tragic romance already exhibits the astonishing formal control and penetrating insights into the human condition that would later make him famous in films like Il Grido, L'Avventura and Blow-Up.

A wealthy industrialist becomes curious about his trophy wife Paola's (Lucia Bosé) past, and hires a private investigator. The detective discovers that she had fallen desperately in love with the handsome Guido (Massimo Girotti) as a young girl, and may have participated in a crime to win his hand. After years apart, Paola and Guido reunite to deflect the investigation, and rekindle their attraction in the process. As events spiral out of their control, a murder may blaze their only path to freedom.

One of the great first features in movie history, Story of a Love Affair effortlessly weaves lust, class and the repercussions of violence into a crime movie melodrama you will not soon forget.

Product Extras :
  • Identification of a Masterpiece documentary
  • Story of a Peculiar Night documentary
  • Fragments of a Love Affair
  • Restoring a Masterpiece
  • Poster gallery
  • Stills gallery
  • Michelangelo Antonioni - Director
  • Michelangelo Antonioni - Writer
  • Marika Rowsky - Actor
  • Gino Rossi - Actor
  • Ferdinando Sarmi - Actor
  • Lucia Bosé - Actor
  • Massimo Girotti - Actor
  • Eraldo Da Roma - Executive Producer
  • Enzo Serafin - Cinematographer
  • Giovanni Fusco - Composer
  • Stefano Caretta - Producer
  • Franco Villani - Producer


"Unsurpassed beauty...a noir re-made into existential poetry." - Slant Magazine

"Haunting...a remarkable Italian Noir." - Chicago Reader

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