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Survival Skills (DVD)

Directed by : Quinn Armstrong
Available Date : 02/02/2021
Release Year : 2020
Running Time : 84
UPC : 738329252717
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Comedy, Drama
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Survival Skills is a wildly creative black comedy that imitates the style of a lost police training video from the 1980s. The Narrator (Stacy Keach, Nebraska) introduces us to Jim (Vayu O’Donnell), the perfect policeman in a perfect relationship in a perfect community, who gets in over his head when he tries to resolve a domestic violence case. Before long, the ugly underbelly of the “Good Guys in Blue” begins to expose itself and Jim decides to take matters into his own hands.

Product Extras :

Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement Today

Getting the VHS Look

Survival Skills (short film)

Training Videos


Publish Date : 2021-01-05
  • Quinn Armstrong - Director
  • Stacy Keach - Actor
  • Vayu O'Donnell - Actor
  • Spencer Garrett - Actor
  • Ericka Kreutz - Actor
  • Emily Chisholm - Actor
  • Tyra Colar - Actor

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