The Exiles (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Kent Mackenzie
Available Date : 12/05/2023
Release Year : 1961
Running Time : 75
UPC : 738329264987
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Subject : Indigenous Peoples Studies
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THE EXILES chronicles one night in the lives of young Native American men and women living in the Bunker Hill district of Los Angeles. Based entirely on interviews with the participants and their friends, the film follows a group of exiles — transplants from Southwest reservations — as they flirt, drink, party, fight, and dance. After graduating from USC in 1956, Kent Mackenzie began to hang around with a group of young Native Americans in downtown Los Angeles. He then asked them to collaborate on a film that would present a realistic portrayal of life in the community. In 1961, it was finished, but it was rarely seen for nearly fifty years. With UCLA Film & Television Archive’s magnificent restoration and Milestone’s release, THE EXILES stunned the film world. It introduced a filmmaker of incredible talent and insight and revealed a subject that had not been seen before or since: the Diaspora of Native Americans who had left the reservations for the city. Gritty, realistic, beautifully photographed, and energized by the brilliant rock-and-roll score by Norman Knowles and The Revels, THE EXILES is a cinematic miracle.

Product Extras :
  • Short films by Kent Mackenzie: A Skill for Molina (1964, Courtesy of
    NARA), Bunker Hill 1956 (1956, Courtesy of USC Moving Image Archive),
    Ivan and His Father (1970, Courtesy of Gary Goldsmith), Story of a
    Rodeo Cowboy (Courtesy of the Mackenzie Family)
  • Audio commentary with Sherman Alexie and Sean Axmaker
  • Audio of The Exiles’ Los Angeles Opening Night at UCLA (Courtesy of
    UCLA Film & Television Archive)
  • Bunker Hill: A Tale of Urban Renewal (2009)
  • Last Day of Angels Flight (1969, Courtesy of the Academy Film
    Archive and the Kirste Family)
  • The Leonard Lopate Show with Sherman Alexie and Charles Burnett
    (Courtesy of WNYC)
  • Re-Release Trailer
  • Sherman Alexie and Sean Axmaker: Second Interview
  • White Fawn’s Devotion (1910, Courtesy of the Library of Congress)
Publish Date : 2023-11-07
  • Kent Mackenzie - Director
  • Yvonne Williams - Actor
  • Homer Nish - Actor
  • Tom Reynolds - Actor

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