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The Face at the Window (DVD)

Directed by : George King
Available Date : 10/06/2020
Release Year : 1939
Running Time : 65
UPC : 738329250546
Country : U.K.
Language: English
Genre : Horror
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The most horrific elements of the Victorian stage melodrama -- murder, disguise, lurking figures, secret chambers, and mad scientists -- are brought to cinematic life in this British chiller that boasts the maniacal talents of the legendary actor Tod Slaughter.

The Face At The Window is a tale of Paris in 1880, under the curse of Le Loup -- the Wolf, a creeping murderer that allows its victims a glimpse of its deranged, drooling face, just before plunging a dagger into their backs. Caught in the center of this intrigue is a pair of lovers -- Lucien and Cecile, who are not only threatened by the Wolf, but by the lecherous Chevalier Del Gardo (Slaughter), who plans to capitalize on the Wolf scare to ensnare the beautiful Cecile.

The pursuit of answers to the mystery lead the young lovers from their lavish drawing rooms to the Blind Rat, a brothel and den of thieves in the Paris slums, but the solution can only be reached through supernatural means...through the re-animation of the corpse of the Wolf's freshest victim.

Thanks to Slaughter's eerie presence (especially his ghoulish laughter), startling makeup effects, and shades of the Grand Guignol, The Face At The Window is a rare example of the British horror film of the 1930s, more traditional in form than its American counterpart, but no less effective in unnerving its audience.

As a special bonus, Kino presents a rare sample of 1930s horror/comedy animation, Spooks (Dir. Ub Iwerks. U.S. 1932. 8 mins. B&W.)
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Brand New 4K Master

NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian/Author Jean-Claude Michel

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Publish Date : 2020-09-08
  • George King - Director
  • Tod Slaughter - Actor
  • Marjorie Taylor - Actor
  • Aubrey Mallalieu - Actor
  • John Warwick - Actor
  • Robert Adair - Actor
  • Wallace Evennett - Actor
  • Leonard Henry - Actor
  • Kay Lewis - Actor
  • Bill Shine - Actor

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