The Fox (DVD)

Directed by : Adrian Goiginger
Available Date : 03/26/2024
Release Year : 2024
Running Time : 117
UPC : 738329265557
Country : Germany, Austria
Language: German, Austrian and French
Genre : Drama, War, History
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At the dawn of World War II, a young motorcycle courier in the Austrian army encounters a wounded fox cub and takes it with him to occupied France. The soldier and the fox develop an unlikely bond. Based on the true story of Franz Streitberger, director Adrian Goiginger’s great-grandfather.

Product Extras :
  • Trailers
Publish Date : 2024-02-27
  • Adrian Goiginger - Director
  • Simon Morzé - Actor
  • Adriane Gradziel - Actor
  • Marko Kerezovic - Actor
  • Karl Markovics - Actor

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