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The Haunted Castle (Restored Authorized Edition) (DVD)

Directed by : F. W. Murnau
Available Date : 03/17/2009
Release Year : 1921
Running Time : 81
UPC : 738329062422
Country : Germany
Subject : German Cinema & Culture, Film and Media Studies - German Cinema
Genre : Silent, Horror
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Before plumbing the depths of horror and despair with such films as Faust and The Last Laugh, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau tested the waters with this moody drama of a storm-bound manor and the grim mystery that lurks within.  A hunting party is interrupted by the arrival of a notorious Count (Lothar Mehnert), who is believed to have murdered his brother.  The uninvited guest sets in motion an elaborate plot to resurrect the ghosts of the past and bring to light the dark secret that lies at the center of his brother’s death.

The foreboding atmosphere and psychological complexity inspired Murnau to delve deeper into the horror genre, which he did the following year, with the immortal vampire tale Nosferatu (1922).

Product Extras :
  • Gallery of set design paintings by Robert Herlth
  • Excerpts of Rudolf Stratz's novel
  • F. W. Murnau - Director
  • Carl Mayer - Writer
  • Olga Tschekowa - Actor
  • Lothar Mehnert - Actor
  • Paul Hartmann - Actor
  • Arnold Korff - Actor
  • Julius Falkenstein - Actor
  • Paul Bildt - Actor

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