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The Internet's Own Boy (DVD)

Directed by : Brian Knappenberger
Available Date : 01/20/2015
Release Year : 2014
Running Time : 105
UPC : 738329156428
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Subject : 21st Century Politics, Family Studies
Genre : Documentary
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Aaron Swartz was a programming prodigy who helped shape the digital landscape we all use today. He helped develop the internet protocol RSS and was a co-founder of Reddit. Chronicling his pioneering efforts crusading for open access and free speech and the resulting legal nightmare and tragedy that ensued, The Internet's Own Boy is a dynamic and moving portrait of a brilliant tech millionaire who renounced the values of Silicon Valley startup culture and used technology to tirelessly fight for social justice, no matter what the cost.

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Publish Date : 2015-01-20
  • Brian Knappenberger - Director
  • Cindy Cohn - Actor
  • Aaron Swartz - Actor
  • Tim Barners-Lee - Actor


An American Library Association Video Round Table notable film of 2015

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