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The Italian Connection (DVD)

Directed by : Fernando Di Leo
Crew : Amedeo Giomini , Franco Villa , Armando Trovajoli
Available Date : 06/01/2013
Release Year : 1972
Running Time : 100
UPC : 816018010173
Country : Italy
Language: Italian and English
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The second film in Fernando Di Leo's Milieu Trilogy focuses on Luca Carnali, a small-time mobster and pimp who has been set up by his gangland boss. When a shipment of heroin disappears between Italy and New York, Carnali is framed for the theft.

Carnali is pursued through Milan by a pair of merciless American hit men- played by Henry Silva and Woody Strode, and referenced by Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction - whom mistakenly believe that he has stolen a drugs shipment. Following the murder of his wife, the hunted becomes the hunter as Carnali takes his revenge on his boxx, the hit men and anyone else who stand in his way.

Product Extras :

• Documentary Alle Origini della Mala

• Photo Gallery

• Director biography and filmography

• New and improved English subtitle translation

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  • Fernando Di Leo - Director
  • Woody Strode - Actor
  • Henry Silva - Actor
  • Mario Adorf - Actor
  • Amedeo Giomini - Executive Producer
  • Franco Villa - Cinematographer
  • Armando Trovajoli - Composer


" The Italian Connection is a terrific romp." - DVD Verdict

"The maestro of mafia mayhem." - Entertainment Weekly


Official Selection Venice International Film Festival

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