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The Jewish Soul: Classics of Yiddish Cinema (Blu-ray)

Available Date : 11/24/2020
Release Year : 1935
Running Time : 750
UPC : 738329251482
Country : U.S., Poland
Language: Hebrew, Yiddish, English
Subject : Jewish Cinema & Culture
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Too often segregated within an academic and cultural niche, Yiddish cinema is in fact a varied and vibrant genre ripe for reappraisal. Whether shot in the fields of Poland or makeshift studios in Manhattan, Yidishe Kino endure not only as precious documents of a vanishing culture, but a fascinating genre unto itself, with its unique blend of schmaltz and shtick, a dash of operetta, often overlaid with brooding atmosphere. Restored by Lobster Films, Paris, presented by Kino Lorber, this series showcases careful new translations by Yiddish cultural historian Allen Lewis Rickman, which preserve the clever wordplay and conveys the fluidity of the multi-lingual dialogue.

Ten classics of Yiddish cinema 
now available in all-new restorations!
The Dybbuk
American Matchmaker
Her Second Mother
Mir Kumen On
Overture to Glory
Eli Eli
Jewish King Lear
Motel, the Operator
Three Daughters
Product Extras :

THE DYBBUK: Audio commentary by J. Hoberman. Alternate 99-minute version

AMERICAN MATCHMAKER: Audio commentary by Eve Sicular. Alternate version with 1940 subtitles

OVERTURE TO GLORY: Audio commentary by Allen Lewis Rickman

TEVYA: Audio commentary by Allen Lewis Rickman

HER SECOND MOTHER: Audio commentary by Allen Lewis Rickman. Alternate version with 1940 subtitles

ELI ELI: Alternate version with 1940 subtitles

Printed booklet including essays by journalist and historian Samuel Blumenfeld, film preservationist Serge Bromberg and Yiddish cultural historian Allen Lewis Rickman

Theatrical trailer.

Publish Date : 2020-10-27
  • Joseph Seiden - Director
  • Aleksander Ford - Director
  • Edgar G. Ulmer - Director
  • Maurice Schwartz - Director
  • Max Nosseck - Director
  • Michal Wasczyński - Director
  • Avrom Morewski - Actor
  • Leo Fuchs - Actor
  • Moyshe Oyster - Actor
  • Maurice Schwartz - Actor
  • Maurice Krohner - Actor
  • Chaim Tauber - Actor
  • Max Badin - Actor
  • Charlotte Goldstein - Actor
  • Michael Rosenberg - Actor
  • Esther Field - Actor
  • Seymour Rechzeit - Actor
  • Fannie Levenstein - Actor
  • Miriam Riselle - Actor
  • Florence Weiss - Actor
  • Judith Abarbanel - Actor
  • Esta Salzman - Actor
  • Ajzyk Samberg - Actor


“A deliciously assorted showcase.”
- George Robinson, The New York Jewish Week
“Sure to provoke spirited debate, an essential form of nourishment for the Jewish soul.”
- The Forward
"The most heavily atmospheric and 'artistic' of the Yiddish talkies."
- J. Hoberman on THE DYBBUK in Bridge of Light
"The authentic version of Fiddler on the Roof."
- Allen Lewis Rickman on TEVYA
"Precious and haunting."
- Times of Israel on MIR KUMEN ON
"Think of it as a superior prequel to The Exorcist."
- Time Out on THE DYBBUK
"Arguably the best Yiddish-language film ever made."
- George Robinson on THE DYBBUK in Cine-Journal

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