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The Little Murders of Agatha Christie (DVD)

Directed by : Eric Woreth, Renaud Bertrand
Available Date : 06/15/2023
Release Year : 2016
Running Time : 457
UPC : 815047019027
Country : France, Switzerland
Language: French w/ English subtitles
Genre : Mystery, Comedy, Crime
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MSRP: $39.95
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Agatha Christie's world-famous mysteries return for a new generation! Still set in the 1930s, this landmark series of TV movies introduces two investigators as a throughline for some of Christie's most acclaimed tales: Superintendent Larosière and the young Inspector Lampion, who butt heads just as often as they crack the case. With more intrigue, humor and wit than ever before, THE LITTLE MURDERS OF AGATHA CHRISTIE provides the perfect entry point to a modern series of classics!

  • Eric Woreth - Director
  • Renaud Bertrand - Director
  • Anne Giafferi - Writer
  • Murielle Magellan - Writer
  • Sylvie Simon - Writer
  • Thierry Debroux - Writer
  • Antoine Duléry - Actor
  • Marius Colucci - Actor

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