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The Outer Limits (Season 2) (Blu-ray)

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There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Television Set… Do Not Attempt To Adjust The Picture… We Are Controlling Transmission... The entire second season – 17 Episodes – You hold in your hands an artifact from a time now vanished forever; a compendium of portals into worlds unknown. A four-disc set that controls over 15 hours of transmission from the 1964-1965 series, this vessel has sought you out for one specific purpose: to expand your mind to The Outer Limits! Guest stars include William Shatner, Adam West, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Duvall, Robert Culp, Eddie Albert, Patrick O’Neal, Dabney Coleman, Robert Webber, Lloyd Nolan, James Sikking, Ted Knight, Michael Ansara, Marianna Hill, Tim O’Connor, Skip Homeier, James Doohan, Warren Stevens, Grant Williams, Dewey Martin, Michael Constantine, Ted de Corsia, Mary Murphy and Mark Richman.

Product Extras :
-17 Audio Commentaries by David J. Schow (Author of The Outer Limits Companion), Novelist and Critic Tim Lucas, Television Music Historian Dr. Reba Wissner, Film Historian Craig Beam, Screenwriter/Historian Gary Gerani, Fim Historian Michael Hyatt, Filmmaker/Historian Steve Mitchell and Film Historian Eric Grayson 
-5 TV Spots
-ABC New Year's Eve Promo 
-Creature Features with David J. Schow 
-12 TNT Promos 
-DAVID J. SCHOW - Showtime Interview 
-PENN & TELLER - TNT Host Segments 
-CLIFF ROBERTSON - Full TNT Interview 
-JOSEPH STEFANO - Full TNT Interview 
-JOANNA FRANK - Full TNT Interview 
-TNT Interview with Meryl O’Loughlin 
-The Museum of Television & Radio's William S. Paley Television Festival 
-PROJECT UNLIMITED – with David J. Schow 
-WHAT’S NEW ON ABC? – 1963 Promo with Edie Adams 
Publish Date : 2022-08-23
  • Byron Haskin - Director
  • Gerd Oswald - Director
  • Laslo Benedek - Director
  • James Goldstone - Director
  • Felix E. Feist - Director
  • Charles F. Haas - Director
  • William Shatner - Actor
  • Adam West - Actor
  • Robert Duvall - Actor
  • Leonard Nimoy - Actor
  • Robert Culp - Actor
  • Eddie Albert - Actor
  • Patrick O’Neal - Actor
  • Dabney Coleman - Actor
  • Robert Webber - Actor
  • Lloyd Nolan - Actor
  • James Sikking - Actor
  • Ted Knight - Actor
  • Michael Ansara - Actor
  • Marianna Hill - Actor
  • Tim O’Connor - Actor
  • Skip Homeier - Actor
  • James Doohan - Actor
  • Warren Stevens - Actor
  • Grant Williams - Actor
  • Dewey Martin - Actor
  • Michael Constantine - Actor
  • Ted de Corsia - Actor
  • Mary Murphy - Actor

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