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The Thief of Bagdad (DVD)

Directed by : Raoul Walsh
Available Date : 02/03/2004
Release Year : 1924
Running Time : 154
UPC : 738329032920
Country : U.S.
Language: English intertitles
Subject : Film and Media Studies - Classic Cinema
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A spectacular accomplishment in production design and special effects, Raoul Walsh's The Thief Of Bagdad is a bold Arabian adventure starring Douglas Fairbanks as a carefree pickpocket who turns his appealing brand of mischievous thievery toward the attainment of happiness...and an exotic princess (Julanne Johnston). The only way he can win either is by retrieving the rarest treasures hidden within the mysterious Orient, a quest that grows more fantastic with every passing thrill, as the tenacious thief rises high above the city on a magic carpet, battles a fire-breathing dragon in caverns of flame and soars into the clouds on the back of a winged steed via innovative special effects.

As designed by William Cameron Menzies, The Thief Of Bagdad's mythical Middle Eastern kingdom is a wondrous page from The Arabian Nights, polished by a silvery Oriental aesthetic and spiced with occasional dashes of German Expressionism. Lest his all-American heroism seem anachronistic within this fanciful Arabian setting, Fairbanks cut the number of snappy intertitles to a bare minimum and flavored his performance with a heightened degree of physical grace, so that his every step and gesture evinces a distinctly balletic rhythm that enhances the film's fairy-tale quality.

Featuring Douglas Fairbanks, Julanne Johnston, Snitz Edwards, Anna May Wong. Musical Setting by Gaylord Carter (1975).

Product Extras :
  • Filmed Introduction by Orson Welles
  • Nineteen minutes of rare outtakes (Courtesy of Bruce Lawton)
  • Rare special effects footage
  • Excerpt of Paul Leni's WAXWORKS (Fairbank's Inspiration for THIEF)
  • Excerpt of Georges Melies's ARABIAN NIGHTS ("Le Palais des Mille et Une Nuits," 1905)
  • Excerpts from Souvenir Program
  • Newly Mastered from an Archival 35mm Negative
  • Digital Stereo Orchestral Score Performed by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra adapted from the Original 1924 Cue Sheets.
  • Raoul Walsh - Director
  • Julanne Johnston - Actor
  • Snitz Edwards - Actor
  • Anna May Wong - Actor
  • Douglas Fairbanks - Actor


"A feast for the eye! A feat of motion picture art which will enthrall time and again." -- The New York Times


Best Entertaining Film Kinema Junpo Awards
Official Selection San Francisco International Film Festival

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