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The Third Wave (DVD)

Directed by : Alison Thompson
Available Date : 11/03/2020
Release Year : 2009
Running Time : 94
UPC : 829567060827
Country : U.S.
Language: English
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Immediately following the South Asian tsunami in 2004, humanitarians Alison and Oscar raced to Sri Lanka, planning to volunteer for two weeks. One year later and, along with fellow activists Donny and Bruce, they found themselves running a refugee camp. As the supposed financial relief streaming in from all over the world failed to materialize, the villagers slowly turned against them. To survive, these four foreigners broke every rule in the disaster aid books and, eventually, a village was reborn.

Publish Date : 2020-11-03
  • Alison Thompson - Director
  • Oscar Gubernati - Himself
  • Bruce French - Himself
  • Donny Paterson - Himself

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