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The War is Over (DVD)

Directed by : Michele Soavi
Available Date : 07/12/2023
Release Year : 2021
Running Time : 460
UPC : 815047010130
Country : Italy
Language: Italian w/ English subtitles
Genre : Drama, History, War
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Based on real events, THE WAR IS OVER begins as Nazi occupation in Italy has ended. In the months that followed, thousands of Jewish children returned from concentration camps to their homes...with no family waiting for them. Davide Pavia (Michele Riondino), a guilt-ridden Resistance soldier searching for his wife and son, sees these children's plight and works with the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur to build housing for them on an abandoned estate. Though they've just returned from hell on Earth, these children slowly rediscover what it’s like to play, study, and love as children should. Adapted from Aharon Megged's “The Story of the Selvino Childrren,” this limited series presents the triumphant story of survivors finding the will to rebuild their lives.

  • Michele Soavi - Director
  • Sandro Petraglia - Writer
  • Lorenzo Bagnatori - Writer
  • Eleonora Bordi - Writer
  • Michela Straniero - Writer
  • Michele Riondino - Actor
  • Isabella Ragonese - Actor

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