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They're Out Of The Business (DVD)

Available Date : 11/20/2012
Release Year : 2011
Running Time : 89
UPC : 738329106225
Country : U.S.
Genre : Comedy
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A comedy of arrested development from Eric Schaeffer (IF LUCY FELL) and Donal Lardner Ward (THE SUBURBANS), THEY'RE OUT OF THE BUSINESS is the sequel to the indie classic MY LIFE'S IN TURNAROUND (1993)—a sly follow up destined to charm viewers just like its predecessor.

Conflating fact and fiction once again, THEY'RE OUT OF THE BUSINESS tells the story of two independent filmmakers (Schaeffer and Ward) attempting to bury the hatchet for the betterment of both their careers after success starts to fade and middle age looms ominously. Unfortunately for both, leaving the past behind is easier said than done, and the nostalgic has-beens reconvene with plans to make a great movie again while attempting to combat middle-aged fatalism and romantic crisis.

With an authentic and self-deprecating script, THEY'RE OUT OF THE BUSINESS is a compelling follow-up that can't be missed.

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  • Eric Schaeffer - Director
  • Donal Lardner Ward - Director
  • Eric Schaeffer - Actor
  • Donal Lardner Ward - Actor

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