Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece - Tintin and the Blue Oranges (Blu-ray)

Available Date : 07/11/2023
Release Year : 1961/1964
Running Time : 102/100
UPC : 738329262600
Country : France
Language: French with English subtitles
Genre : Adventure
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Welcome to the charming and colorful world of Tintin! Hergé’s classic comic book characters leap to the silver screen in two spirited adventures starring the intrepid boy-reporter and his faithful dog Snowy. In Tintin’s first-ever live-action adaptation, Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece, Captain Haddock sets sail to Istanbul, accompanied by our cow-licked hero and his cohorts. There they collect a strange bounty from the late Captain Paparanic: a rusty old ship called the Golden Fleece. But the real treasure lies in a chest under the sea, as they discover a map with an “X” on it—marking the spot of Paparanic’s gold. For his next escapade, Tintin and the Blue Oranges, Tintin tries to crack the riddle of an oddly hued citrus that can be grown in the desert—and possibly solve world hunger.

Publish Date : 2023-04-25
  • Jean-Jacques Vierne - Director
  • Philippe Condroyer - Director
  • Jean-Pierre Talbot - Actor
  • Georges Wilson - Actor
  • Jean Bouise - Actor

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