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Toad Road (DVD)

Directed by : Jason Banker
Crew : Elijah Wood
Available Date : 03/10/2020
Release Year : 2013
Running Time : 76
UPC : 854555004255
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Artsploitation
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A different kind of American independent horror film, the hypnotic TOAD ROAD, presented by Elijah Wood and his SpectreVision production company, unfolds like a hallucinatory cross between the sexual candor of Larry Clark and Harmony Korine, and the backwoods creep-out

The Blair Witch Project. Young James kills time with his small town druggie friends, engaging in excessive chemical intake, until he meets sweet new arrival Sara. But just as James wants to abandon the narcotics life, Sara wants him to take her further into mind-altering experimentation and she also wants him to introduce her to the sinister local legend of Toad Road, a spot deep in the forest that is apparently home to the Seven Gates of Hell. Writer-director Jason Banker's debut is a unique fusion of documentary-like realism and otherworldly, haunting rural terror. Unlike any other film you'll see this year, TOAD ROAD is a mesmerizing trip.

Publish Date : 2013-12-17
  • Jason Banker - Director
  • Scott Rader - Actor
  • Andy Martin - Actor
  • Damon Johansen - Actor
  • Whitleigh Higuera - Actor
  • James Davidson - Actor
  • Sara Anne Jones - Actor
  • Elijah Wood - Producer


"TOAD ROAD is the first unique horror film to come along in years."

" uncomfortably authentic drama" -New York Times

"...more genuine and disturbing than any Blair Witch-style hokum." - The Wall Street Journal

"TOAD ROAD works as a beautifully direct metaphor for succumbing to addiction." -Slant Magazine

"Well acted and realistically directed, TOAD ROAD is probably better described as a movie experience." -DreadCentral

"TOAD ROAD should digest well with those sick of mediocre horror flicks with little moxie."-INDIEWIRE

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