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Tropic Thunder (Special Edition) (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Ben Stiller
Available Date : 09/13/2022
Release Year : 2008
Running Time : 121
UPC : 738329260019
Country : U.S.
Language: English
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Ben Stiller is action juggernaut Tugg Speedman. Jack Black is comedy legend Jeff Portnoy. Robert Downey Jr. is acclaimed method actor Kirk Lazarus. When these huge Hollywood stars head into the jungles of Vietnam to shoot a war movie, they have no idea how real things can get. With biting satire, plenty of subversive humor and an unforgettable, Oscar-nominated turn by Robert Downey Jr., co-writer/director/all-around-genius Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder is the outrageous action-comedy classic that’ll “blow your mind” (Rolling Stone). The insane cast also features Steve Coogan, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Brandon T. Jackson, Bill Hader, Nick Nolte, Matthew McConaughey and Tom Cruise as volcanic studio executive Les Grossman. This 2-disc special-edition includes both the theatrical cut and the director’s cut.

Product Extras :

Disc One: Theatrical Cut

  • Remastered in 4K by Paramount Pictures,Supervised and Approved by Director Ben Stiller
  • Audio Commentary by Stars Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr.
  • Mystery Men – Theatrical Trailer
  • 5.1 Surround and Lossless 2.0 Stereo
  • Triple-Layered UHD100 Disc
  • Optional English Subtitles

Disc Two: Director’s Cut

  • Remastered in 4K by Paramount Pictures,Supervised and Approved by Director Ben Stiller
  • Audio Commentary by Ben Stiller, Co-Producer Stuart Cornfeld, Production Designer Jeff Mann, Co-Writer Justin Theroux, Cinematographer John Toll and Editor Greg Hayden
  • BEFORE THE THUNDER: Featurette
  • THE HOT LZ: Featurette
  • BLOWING SHIT UP: Featurette
  • THE CAST OF TROPIC THUNDER: Interviews with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Brandon T. Jackson, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Nick Nolte
  • Make-Up Test with Tom Cruise with Intro by Ben Stiller and Editor Greg Hayden
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes & Alternate Ending with Intro & Optional Audio Commentaries by Ben Stiller & Editor Greg Hayden
  • FULL MAGS: Improv Footage Featurette with Intro by Ben Stiller & Editor Greg Hayden
  • Rain of Madness: Documentary (30:00)
  • Rain of Madness: Trailer (2:41)
  • Two Theatrical Trailers
  • 5.1 Surround and Lossless 2.0 Stereo
  • Dual-Layered BD50 Disc
  • Optional English Subtitles
Publish Date : 2022-08-16
  • Ben Stiller - Director
  • Ben Stiller - Actor
  • Jack Black - Actor
  • Robert Downey Jr. - Actor
  • Nick Nolte - Actor
  • Tom Cruise - Actor
  • Matthew McConaughey - Actor
  • Steve Coogan - Actor
  • Jay Baruchel - Actor
  • Danny McBride - Actor
  • Brandon T. Jackson - Actor
  • Bill Hader - Actor

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