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Vessel (DVD)

Directed by : Diana Whitten
Available Date : 04/19/2016
Release Year : 2014
Running Time : 97
UPC : 738329203412
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Subject : Women's Studies, Women Filmmakers, Social Work, Human Rights, Health and the Humanities, Gender & Sexuality, 21st Century Politics, Health, Political Science
Genre : Documentary
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Dr. Rebecca Gomperts sails a ship around the world, providing abortions at sea for women with no legal alternative. Her idea begins as flawed spectacle, faced with governmental, religious, and military blockade. But with each roadblock comes a more refined mission, until Rebecca realizes she can use new technologies to bypass law - and train women to give themselves abortions using WHO-researched protocols with pills. From there we witness her create an underground network of emboldened, informed activists who trust women to handle abortion themselves. Vessel is Rebecca's story: one of a woman who hears and answers a calling, and transforms a wildly improbable idea into a global movement.

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Deleted Scenes, Trailer

Publish Date : 2018-04-02
  • Diana Whitten - Director


"'Vessel' Inspires the future fight for abortion rights. The new documentary following Dutch doctor Rebecca Gomperts provides important context to necessary change for global reproductive rights." The Nation

"Besides winning an audience award at the SXSW Film Festival, Vessel received a special jury citation for 'Political Courage.' The accolade was well deserved, as Diana Whitten's documentary is unabashedly celebratory in its chronicling of the groundbreaking efforts of pro-choice activist Dr. Rebecca Gomperts and her innovative organizations Women on Waves and Women on Web. While unlikely to change anyone's stances on the hot-button issue, the film emerges as a deeply moving portrait that makes palpably clear the desperation of women for whom attaining legal abortions is impossible." Hollywood Reporter


SXSW Audience Award for Documentary

SXSW Special Jury Award for Political Courage

Peter Wintonick Award (Sheffield DocFest)

Adrienne Shelly Excellence in Filmmaking Award

SIMA Lens to Action Jury Award

Moving Mountains Honorable Mention (Mountainfilm in Telluride)

CINE Golden Eagle Award for Independent & Emerging Media FINALIST

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