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The Weissensee Saga: Season 3 (DVD)

Directed by : Friedemann Fromm
Available Date : 07/18/2023
Release Year : 2017
Running Time : 290
UPC : 815047019201
Country : Germany
Language: German w/ English subtitles
Genre : Drama, History, Romance
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What began as a love story could end in either triumph or tragedy as THE WEISSENSEE SAGA builds up to the fall of East Berlin. As former policeman Martin Kupfer searches for his missing daughter, the West has claimed victory over communism and people dance in the streets atop pieces of the Berlin Wall. The secret police aren't ready to call it quits, though, including those in Martin's own family, drawing battle lines ahead of what is sure to be a fiery end.

  • Friedemann Fromm - Director
  • Annette Hess - Writer
  • Friedemann Fromm - Writer
  • Florian Lukas - Actor
  • Uwe Kockisch - Actor
  • Jörg Hartmann - Actor
  • Katrin Sass - Actor

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