You Can Live Forever (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Sarah Watts, Mark Slutsky
Available Date : 06/06/2023
Release Year : 2022
Running Time : 96
UPC : 738329262556
Country : Canada
Language: English
Genre : Drama
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$23.96 (Blu-ray)
MSRP: $29.95
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In the early ‘90s, gay teen Jaime is sent to live with her devout Jehovah’s Witness relatives after the death of her father. Jaime makes an unexpected connection with Marike, daughter of a prominent Witness Elder. The two are instantly drawn to each other, and begin a secret, unspoken romance. But when their attraction becomes too obvious to hide, the community moves to separate the two, forcing them each to make a terrible choice between faith and love.

Product Extras :

Blooper Reel


  • Sarah Watts - Director
  • Mark Slutsky - Director
  • Anwen O'Driscoll - Actor
  • June Laporte - Actor

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