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You Never Can Tell (Blu-ray)

Directed by : Lou Breslow
Available Date : 04/09/2024
Release Year : 1951
Running Time : 78
UPC : 738329266363
Country : U.S.
Language: English
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Crime
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The droll Dick Powell (Christmas in July, Pitfall) stars as a hardboiled PI with a taste for kibble in the over-the-top screwball comedy You Never Can Tell. When an eccentric tycoon leaves six million dollars to his faithful dog, King, trustee Ellen Hathaway (Peggy Dow, Bright Victory) is besieged by fortune hunters when they learn she’s next to inherit. After the German Shepherd is poisoned and Ellen’s accused of the crime, King’s spirit is granted special permission to go back to Earth in human form and help clear Ellen’s name. Returning as private eye Rex Shepard (Powell) and aided by a former racehorse named Goldie (Joyce Holden, Iron Man), King puts his nose to the ground in a dogged attempt to sniff out his killer’s name. You Never Can Tell when everything’s gone to the dogs in this gleefully whimsical farce! You Never Can Tell was the only feature film directed by veteran Hollywood screenwriter Lou Breslow (Murder, He Says, Bedtime for Bonzo).

Product Extras :
  • Brand New HD Master – From a 2K Scan of the 35mm Fine Grain
  • NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historians Michael Schlesinger and Darlene Ramirez
  • Optional English Subtitles
Publish Date : 2024-03-12
  • Lou Breslow - Director
  • Dick Powell - Actor
  • Peggy Dow - Actor
  • Joyce Holden - Actor
  • Charles Drake - Actor
  • Albert Sharpe - Actor
  • Frank Nelson - Actor
  • William Vedder - Actor

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