Kino Lorber Announces New Titles Coming to VOD in January

By Kino Lorber | December 21, 2022

Coming to All Major Digital/VOD Platforms

(dir. Alejandro Loayza Grisi, 2022)
Available to Buy or Rent Early on Kino Now January 3
Available on All Major Digital/VOD Platforms January 17

Framing Agnes
(dir. Chase Joynt, 2022)
Available to Buy or Rent Early on Kino Now January 31
Available on All Major Digital/VOD Platforms February 14

Maigret: Season 2
(dirs. John Harrison, Gerard Glaister, Andrew Osborn,
Terence Williams, 1961-62)
Available on All Major Digital/VOD Platforms January 31

A Violent Life
(dirs. Paolo Heusch, Brunello Rondi, 1962)
Available on All Major Digital/VOD Platforms January 31

The Asphyx
(dir. Peter Newbrook, 1972)
Available on Kino Now and Amazon January 31

Coming to MHz Choice

At the beginning of November, Kino Lorber announced its acquisition of international TV streamer MHz Choice, which offers viewers in the U.S. and Canada access to a library of the best television mysteries, dramas, comedies and documentaries from around the world for $7.99/month or $89.99/year. New MHz Choice customers receive a free 7-Day Trial. For more information, go to

January 3
A mainstay of French TV characters, Alice Nevers is an admired and effective criminal prosecutor. She has both a professional and personal partnership with police captain Fred Marquand as they investigate crimes in Paris that often shed light on the larger societal issues of the day.

January 10
Police dog Rex investigates crime and solves mysteries on the streets of Vienna - protecting the innocent, catching criminals and stealing the occasional ham roll. 

Idriss Toma is a powerful lawyer whose life is turned upside down when his is the victim of an attempted murder. While he miraculously survived, a piece of the bullet stuck in his head threatens to kill him at any time. He is now determined to devote his talents to ones forgotten by justice.January 17
Leo Roth is a successful media lawyer who takes on high profile clients and newsworthy cases. Her only purpose is to win even as a treacherous mesh of political and private intrigue threatens to spill into public view.

January 24

Barcelona native Inspector Xavi Bonet knows the city and its underworld like the back of his hand. His partner Fina Valent brings confidence and gumption to their detective work as they pursue criminals of all kinds in the beautiful Catalan metropolis. 

January 31
Former investigating judge Antoine Mongeville teams up with a no-nonsense police detective to solve tricky mysteries in Bordeaux. 

Set at a prestigious boarding school, rivals Asanda and Monwabisi have come to Johannesburg to chase their rugby dreams. The two boys bring with them dark family secrets which threaten everything around them.

Coming to Kino Now

Kino Now showcases award-winning international, documentary, independent, and classic cinema available to rent or own, allowing film lovers to build digital collections of their favorites to watch whenever they want.

January 3
Flaming Ears
(dirs. A. Hans Scheirl, Dietmar Schipek, Ursula Puerrer, 2022)

Memories of My Father
(dir. Fernando Trueba, 2022)

January 10
The Gang of Four
(dir. Jacques Rivette, 1988)

The Celluloid Bordello
(dir. Juliana Piccillo, 2021)

January 13
(dir. Josh Alexander, 2022)

January 17
High Expectations
(dirs. Jonathan Southard, Christopher D. White, 2022)

Coming to Filmatique

Filmatique is a boutique subscription VOD platform streaming the best of contemporary art house film combined with a hand-picked selection of iconic cinema from the past. Newly relaunched, it now features 300+ titles from the Kino Lorber library and is available for $4.95/month after a 14-day free trial.

Contemporary Japanese Collection:
Wife of a Spy (dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2021)
Doppelganger (dir. Juliana Rojas, 2012)
Maborosi (dir. Hirokazu Koreeda, 1995)
Hard Romanticker (dir. Gu Su-Yeon, 2011)
Village of Dreams (dir. Yôichi Higashi, 1996)
A Snake of June (dir. Shinya Tsukamoto, 2002)
Vital (dir. Shinya Tsukamoto, 2004)

Maya Deren Collection:
Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)
At Land (1944)
A Study in Choreography for Camera (1945)
Ritual in Transfigured Time (1941)
The Private Life of a Cat (1947)
Meditation on Violence (1949)
The Very Eye of Night (1958)
Divine Horsemen (1947-1951, 1979)